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SIA "LDZ CARGO" prevents historical groundwater pollution in Daugavpils

In the territory of the railway, 2.Preču street 14, Daugavpils a locomotive operation department has had its operations  for a long time, where locomotives and their servicing crews have been working for decades. Since the founding of SIA "LDZ CARGO" (hereinafter - LDZ CARGO), a team of company employees has been operating in the territory with great responsibility towards the environment and high safety standards, however, the historical pollution of oil products, which occurred as a result of previous operations, has remained in the territory until today.


Under the supervision of the State Environmental Service, LDZ CARGO will initiate and carry out the cleaning works of the ground water pollution of the territory in two rounds. According to the work program, in the first this year, groundwater level measurements will be made, samples will be taken and pollution will be experimentally pumped out, as well as at the end of the first stage, a pollution pump-out module will be installed and its system adjusted, which will allow determining the amount of oil product pollution in groundwater. In the second round, which will take place in 2023, the pollution will be pumped out, transferring oil products for disposal. At the end of the process, trends in pollution changes will be determined with the aim of assessing the future need for environmental cleanup works.


In accordance with the common environmental policy of the concern "Latvijas dzelzceļš", LDZ CARGO plans and carries out activities with great responsibility to ensure effective and sustainable management of environmental protection in its operations and workplaces. We are happy to say that our environmental clean-up project in Daugavpils will make it possible to reduce the amount of historically polluted places in the territory of Latvia.