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The administrative structure of LDZ CARGO Ltd. is set up to ensure the performance of the basic functions in all matters relating to the strategic planning of the company, business development, corporate image building, participation in international events and organisations and media communications with the optimal use of available resources.




Provide domestic and international freight transport services, international passenger transport services and transport-related services.



Retain the leading position in rail freight transport in the Baltic States. 


LDZ CARGO operates in the following key fields of activity:

  • Freight transport and logistics system;
  • International passenger transport.


Key business task 

Key business task. The key task of every business direction of LDZ CARGO is to continuously improve the quality of services, efficiency and productivity by ensuring constant modernisation and progress of the range of services and a better price/quality ratio than that which is available in the market. LDZ CARGO will invest the required amount in the development of the Holding's support business areas to ensure the key business area support functions.



Structure of the "Latvijas dzelzceļš" Group