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Freight Transportation

LDZ CARGO Ltd. is a company within the Latvijas Dzelzceļš holding. LDZ CARGO Ltd. is the largest transit and transport company in Latvia and the largest rail freight carrier in the Baltic States, carrying cargo including hazardous and oversized goods and providing other railway-related services. LDZ CARGO Ltd. manages a fleet of more than 6,800 rail cars. Covered cars, half-cars, platforms, tanks, hopper cars for the transport of cement and grain are available to the clients. LDZ CARGO Ltd. is a certified railway transport company with a repeated security certificate (Part A - EU identification number LV1120180005 valid from 30.01.2019. until 29.01.2024. and Part B - EU identification number LV1220180008 valid from 30.01.2019. until 29.01.2024.) granting rights to carry both freight transport and international passenger transport.

LDZ CARGO Ltd. accepts almost all types of freight mentioned in the NHM (Harmonised Commodity Code). In cooperation with the holding companies of Latvijas Dzelzceļš, working together as a well-functioning mechanism, it is ensured that every client who needs their freight delivered to the specified destination on time can trust the freight transport process. Using the services of the LDZ CARGO Ltd. affiliate LDZ Loģistika Ltd., it is possible to receive a joint intermodal service that includes the use of various modes of transport and infrastructure, including domestic and international door-to-door transportation.

In Latvia LDZ CARGO Ltd. provides freight transport from/to any railway station that is open for freight operations. Deliveries are received and issued on a 24 hour basis. International freight transport directions include all key East-West and North-South transport corridors. In Latvian railway stations deliveries are received and issued on a 24 hour basis.

The following ancillary services are available to the clients:

  • weighing of empty and loaded cars on railway scales;
  • shunting of cars on/off branch lines;
  • preparation of transport documents;
  • preparation of diagrams and calculations for fastening nonstandard and oversized loads;
  • preparation of the transit customs procedure;
  • hire and use of railcars and containers.