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Tariff calculation options for rail freight transport in the Baltic States and CIS

Information for completing the tariff calculation form

1. This service provides the calculation of rail freight transport costs for legal and natural persons in the CIS and the Baltic States, taking into account the actual tariffs pursuant to the tariff policy of each country.

The calculation does not include additional costs incurred during the transportation of freight (freight forwarder's premium, fees for ancillary services, operations, etc.).

2. The freight transport tariff shall be calculated using the information submitted in the application. The accuracy of the calculation and its compliance with your application depends on the accuracy of the data you submitted.

3. After the receipt of the application, the answer will be sent to the email address you specified.

4. One order for tariff calculation is provided free of charge, the provision of further tariff calculations is a paid service.

5. For further information, please contact:


  • Tel:                67234900;
  • e-mail: 
  • address:        SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš, Room 469,
                          3 Gogoļa Street, Riga, Latvia